An in-depth study

Scientific expertise is an activity carried out in collaboration with architects who wish to carry out a precise and complete sanitary diagnosis of a work in order to draw up a coherent call for tenders for restoration.

The study prior to the restoration of a work of art or a monument begins with a precise photographic survey of the ensemble with the production of location plans on which a map of alterations and disorders will be defined.

Test pits may be carried out in order to reveal any polychromy and the original layer. Cleaning and consolidation tests will be carried out using different methods and techniques.

Scientific analysis

Samples will be taken for the analysis of soluble salts, the physico-chemical analysis of polychromes and mortars and the study of stratigraphies.

These data will enable the recommendation and drafting of a restoration protocol, an estimate of the work and the execution time. Depending on the state of conservation observed, emergency safety measures may be taken, with assistance for removal if necessary.




Restoration & Conservation