Restoration & Conservation

A technique adapted to the material

The restoration and conservation of works of art, ancient monuments and archaeological remains is part of SOCRA's historical know-how. It also concerns the treatment of stone and metal sculpture, mosaics and stucco/staff. Each speciality is characterised by its own technical specificities.

The restoration of stone sculpture consists of several main stages: condition report, primary cleaning, biocide treatment, pre-consolidations, cleaning (micro-scrubbing, laser, latex, compress, cataplasm...), patching, gluing, doweling, stone grafting and new sculpture, consolidation and harmonisation.

The restoration of the metal sculpture involves several phases: assessment of the condition, removal, transport to the workshop, cleaning, consolidation or replacement of the armatures and fixings, treatment of skin alterations, colouring (paint, patina) and reinstatement on site.

The restoration of mosaics concerns both the removal for preservation and the removal for conservation and presentation in museums or on site. It includes several phases: removal (photographic and drawing surveys, condition reports, removal plans), storage before restoration, transfer to honeycomb panels, restoration and additions, transport and reinstallation on site or in a museum.

The restoration of stucco marble and staff offers several levels of intervention: assessment of the condition, cleaning, consolidation and specific restorations or the creation of new decorations identical to the existing ones or as a complement with installation in situ.